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Brightening Up Your Event Space Will Bring the WOW Factor!

Lighting as an art form of sorts to brighten up a room to make it stand out. In other words, we stimulate the senses, creating a luminous world, making an ordinary space look extraordinary.

Whether it be for an event or function, such as corporate and private events, concerts, trade shows, retail events, birthdays, weddings, etc., we believe lighting is definitely one of the most essential elements used in event planning.

Lighting is either colorful or white, fixed or dynamic, focused or fills a room. It can serve a host of purposes, such as capturing your guest’s attention, setting the mood and creating a distinct atmosphere. It highlights and ties together various event features, such as food, floral arrangements, decor, presentations/slideshows, seating, and sound.

Truth is, the type of lighting used, and its aesthetic can make or break your event experience. For example, if the lights are too bright or too dark, the elements, design, and overall ambiance of your event space may become compromised.

Therefore, our lighting production specialists tend to make lighting decisions that not only look good but blend in well with the functions’ overall theme or event style.

Aspects of Lighting

When it comes to achieving and displaying effective lighting, there are a number of considerations to be made. There are four aspects of lighting that we like to utilize:

  • Illumination: Lights illuminate all of the main important features, facilitating the big picture, and keeps the audience engaged and wowed.

  • Focus: Lighting is used to focus on a specific person or object, such as a backdrop or logo, to capture the audience’s attention.

  • Mood: Lighting doesn’t just provide the focus on the event itself but creates a mood within the room. Once a customer sets the scene for the type of event they would like to have, us lighting professionals always aim to make it look breathtaking. Whether it be with color or pattern, which can help to create and enhance the environment. As well as determine one’s mood and emotions.

  • Overall Composition: We aim to always pull everything together by choosing the right type of lighting depending on the surroundings, demanding one’s attention.

Utilizing different types of lighting will transform your event space into something inviting, entertaining and memorable. It is a very cost-effective, allowing you to eliminate unnecessary props.

Our Lighting Services

At ARIA Event Services, these four event lighting ideas will help you find the perfect lighting for your next event:

  1. LED Uplights- Light up the party with LED lighting. Uplights add great mood lighting and ambiance to any event – weddings, private parties, fundraisers, and holiday parties. They work beautifully as an architectural wall wash or accent lighting. They also require no experience to set up.

  2. Wash Lighting- Wash lighting is a general fill of light that is used to spread color evenly throughout a room. These types of lights are the opposite of spotlights. They aim to highlight the whole room not just one area. These are great if you are looking for your event space to feel spacious without casting shadows or having issues with uneven lighting.

  3. Outdoor Lighting- No outdoor event is complete without the proper lighting. The right display sets the mood for guests and the tone for the evening. If you are planning an outdoor event or wedding, consider our outdoor lighting services to make your outdoor space look professional and perfectly lit.

  4. Digital Monograms- Digital monogram lighting is a type of lighting popularly used at weddings. It projects and illuminates visual displays on walls, floors, backdrops, and almost any scenic surface. Whether it is your company logo or a monogram for your wedding, a digital monogram is a lighting element that will add a personal and unique element that will be sure to turn heads and add the finishing touches to space.

Contact Us Today!

Our lighting professionals specialize in transforming boring and drab venues into unique, elegant, inviting, and most importantly, memorable ones.

To discuss your event with us, and how our lighting professionals can help, email us at or visit for more information.

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